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The conventions and conferences at the convention center are held in halls able to accommodate 50 – 6,000 people. The modularity of the halls make a wide variety of events and conventions possible. Our central location and proximity to the Ayalon Highway and the train station allow optimal accessibility.
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Tel Aviv Convention Center – The Ideal Venue for Your Convention!

Are you looking for venues for conventions or lectures? We, at the Tel Aviv Convention Center invite you to hold your next convention in our pavilions and halls. The Convention Center hosts conventions in halls able to accommodate 50 – 6,000 people, in a theatre seating arrangement/ around tables/ for cocktails/ classroom seating arrangement and more. The modularity of the halls can accommodate a wide variety of events and conventions.

Convention Halls – Pavilion 10

Pavilion 10 has undergone a complete, architecturally designed renovation, enabling it to hold a variety of complex exhibitions, events, trade shows and conventions.

The state-of-the-art structure has a convention area which includes five breakout halls, a spacious, 400 sq. m lobby, a 500 sq. m foyer and an assembly hall sprawling over an area of 1,780 sq. m including an acoustic wall partition used to divide the hall into two different areas.
Numerous resources have been invested in the various services provided to the organizers and the public visiting the pavilion including state-of-the-art sound and projection systems.

Convention Halls – Pavilion 2

A smart, versatile space, the only of its kind in the Middle East, allowing literally every dream to come true.
The pavilion is approximately 50,000 sq. m in area and about 20 meters high without columns.
The central space can be divided with acoustic partitions manufactured especially for this project, allowing several events to take place simultaneously in perfect harmony and with extraordinary sound quality.
Other than the unique central space, there are seven state-of-the-art, luxurious halls,
a breathtaking roof looking out over the city of Tel Aviv, where outdoor events can be held, and a magnificent entrance lobby, conference rooms, underground parking and a cafeteria.

Convention Halls – Pavilion 1

The second largest hall in Israel, used for events, conventions, concerts, parties and exhibitions.
The 10 m high assembly hall sprawls over an area of 5,160 sq. m uninterrupted by columns.
The audience enters the hall through a magnificent, 400 sq. m lobby housing a registration area, offices and cafeteria.
The central hall has large doorways allowing trucks in and a Plug & Play point every four meters, for the supply of communications services, electricity, water, sewage and compressed air.
In addition to the assembly hall are eight, adjoining halls designed for professional conventions, seminars and professional tracks.

Among the Conventions Held at the Tel Aviv Convention Center

Super Pharm’s Commercial Directors Conference, Cybertech Security Conference, Bynet Expo, The Israeli Marketing Association Conference, Qlikview Customer Conference, the HLS Conference,
Israel Nutrition Week, Preventative Nutrition United Forces, the Pediatrics’ Association Convention, the Space Convention, Sunrider Israel Convention, ChipEx,
Ministry of Defense Work Plans Conference, Port 2 Port, Ministry of Education Meaningful Learning Convention, Or Yarok Conference, Biomed MIXIII, the Institute of Safety and Health convention,
BezeqExpo, Engineer’s Association Conference and more…

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