Tel Aviv Convention Center

The venue has a variety of pavilions and areas allowing various kinds of events tailored to the customer’s needs. We are fastidious in maintaining high quality and efficient customer service and the highest level of professional conduct. We will supply the best resolution for any event of any size with flexibility, innovation and efficiency.
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Tel Aviv Convention Center – Your Venue for Exhibitions and Expositions

The Convention Center is situated in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel’s commerce and culture capital, and includes wide open, spacious lawns. The Tel Aviv Convention Center is the largest venue in Israel and offers a wide variety of pavilions enabling the accommodation of diverse of event tailored to every customer’s needs. The plethora of events held at the Convention Center are from a wide spectrum of fields:

Albar’s Automania, Beauty City, Toy Time, the Cosmetic’s Exposition, The Apartment Expo, the Hever Exposition, the Workers’ Committees Exposition, Super-Pharm’s Shopping Expo, The Mega Chain’s Retailer’s Expo, the Indian Embassy’s Textile Expo, Hever members’ Retail Shopping Expo, Real Estate Expo’s – Gindi, Tidhar and more…

The Israel Bar Association, Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, Medical Association, Optometric Examinations, Avney Rosha, Realtor Exams, Speech Therapist Exams, Engineer licensing exams, Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, and more…

Filming for Television
The X-Factor, The Voice Final promo clip, Auditions and Final for Kokhav Nolad [Pop Idol], television series: Yeladot Raot [Bad Girls], The Prime Minister’s Children, Lauf Ita, Hasufim, Masachim, Between the Lines, Tanuchi; the Television Academy Awards, the Music Awards, commercials for Yes, Hot, Tornado Air Conditioners and more…

Political Events
Likud primaries, Kadima primaries, Likud Central Committee Meetings, Labor Party Conferences, Meretz Conferences, Na’amat Faction Elections, toast events for Gidon Saar, Silvan Shalom and more…

Fashion Shows
Castro, Renuar, Accessories London, Tanga, Shenkar, Thierry Mugler and more…

Private Events
Hosting dozens of private events in which every pavilion is turned into a singular and unique experience.

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