Tel Aviv Convention Center

The most state-of-the-art venue in Israel for local and international exhibitions. The venue offers covered exhibition spaces in nine pavilions of various sizes. The Venue adheres to the most advanced standards in the world.
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Tel Aviv Convention Center - A state-of-the-art Convention Center

The Tel Aviv Convention Center is the most cutting-edge facility for local and international exhibitions for professional audiences and for the general public.

The Tel Aviv Convention Center initiates and produces exhibitions for the general public and for professional audiences in a variety of content worlds such as Technology, WATEC, Plasto Ispack, Toy Time and the Demobilized Soldiers Expo.
In addition, the Tel Aviv Convention center serves as a venue for local and international expositions produced by external production companies and organizations: tourism, Israfood, Baby Land, New Tech, the Bridge Festival, Furniture, Style and Design, Maintenance Industry and Safety, Automotor, Security and Combat, Agromoshav, Jovella, Timber, Dental, Preventative Nutrition and more…

The Tel Aviv Convention Center is a partner in long term exhibitions held all over the world and open to the general public. Among the recent exhibitions: Van Gough, The Art of Brick – the Lego exhibition, Da Vinci, the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, the Shark Exhibition and more…

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